Inside the Pamela Love Studio | Behind the Scenes

Take a glimpse inside the magical world that is Pamela Love's studio in NYC. I'm totally obsessed with everything from Love's mood board to her mind blowing crystal collection and Teen Vogue did a wonderful job capturing Love's studio using intimate crop shots.  There seems to be a sense of organized chaos within her workspace, which I completely relate to.  Nothing but the best from one of my favorite jewelry designers... EVER!

Check out the rest of the pictures after the jump!

Photos via Teen Vogue


  1. I have to say that Pamela Love is pretty inspiring. I'm really amused by the idea of a broken fingers pen holder, and I'd so love to have that necklace in the second to last photo.

  2. me too! I'm looking forward to her collaboration with Topshop (launches in April)- can't wait for her jewelry to be more affordable. She's totally worth the investment, regardless! xx