Daughters of Simone

My (basically) sister-in-law, Christy, and friend, Brittany, have recently launched a splendid passion project titled, "Daughters of Simone."  The line specializes in reconstructed vintage wedding gowns for contemporary women and I've got to be honest; I would wear any of these dresses even if it wasn't my "big day".  They're just too eclectic and wearable to only wear once! 

Read more about the brand and how it came about after the jump!

Christy & Brittany- The masterminds behind the brand
About the Brand:

"Daughters of Simone was created out of a yearning to see more variety and imagination in today’s traditional wedding gown. Through our mind’s eye, we’ve been re-constructing vintage gowns and making them our own, gowns we would want to wear, and hopefully, that others would want to wear too. It started out as a pipe-dream, inched it’s way into a passion project and lately seems to be flourishing into (fingers crossed) a living reality. Romance and antique lace, blossom trees and billowy sleeves… this is what young love should feel like. " - C&B

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