Embellished Balmain Tops | DIY

Let's face it- in a perfect world, we would all be able to afford Blamain.  Originally founded by Pierre Balmain in the 1900's, the French fashion house is now ran by designer, Christophe Decarnin.  Balmain has been and forever will be on the top of my list of "favorite untouchable designer brands."  I'm always in search of "Balmain-esque" clothing that's either well executed or easy to replicate.  These destroyed Balmain tops make for a fun DIY project- even if your lacking in the arts and crafts department.

DIY instructions and top details after the jump!

Balmain top details (from left to right):

What you'll need:
  1. Old or thrifted t-shirts- (where most of the creativity comes in!)
  2. Tons of safety pins
  3. Scissors for cutting holes and thrashing
  4. A lighter for burning holes like in the American flag shirt seen above (*optional) 
Happy cutting and thrashing!


  1. The Balmain ss11 show WAS amazing.
    Great ideas great blog=]
    drop by mine sometime.


  2. so sad about christophe decarnin's resignation...balmain will never be the same.