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I'm an accessories girl at heart, so when Jessica and Lisa contacted me about the launch of rich x ruse's online boutique I visited the site and immediately fell hard for their stylish goodies.

With a luxe-like aesthetic and selective eye for statement pieces, Jessica and Lisa created rich x ruse out of their love for fashion and editorials. Offering up jewels by fantastic designers like Adia Kibur, Silent Gypsy and Luv AJ, it's pretty obvious that these ladies have superior taste and a genuine knowledge of both upcoming and established brands. 

I sat down with Jessica and Lisa to discuss the present and future plans for rich x ruse in-depth:

CK: Tell me a little about yourself. Where are you from? How did you meet?

Jessica: I am originally from Boston, but have always dreamed of New York City... I've been here about five years now. I met Lisa almost three years ago when I was a jewelry buyer shopping in one of her showrooms... If you check out the "team rich x ruse" portion of our website, you can read the rest of our story!  

Lisa: I am from Westchester County right outside the city. I grew up in the typical suburban setting with a bit of Persian culture mixed in (my parents are from Iran) and moved to the city 8 years ago. As Jessica mentioned, we met when I was a rep for one of the jewelry designers she liked!

CK: How would you describe your company to someone who has never heard
of it before?

Jessica & Lisa: rich x ruse embodies the essence of a magazine editorial with the ability to buy on the spot; in a single word, it is a shopitorial! Rather than offering a number of on-trend items, we pick a single concept for each collection and choose pieces from multiple designers that fit. One of our favorite things about our site is that all of our pieces effortlessly style back to each other; just as the vintage pearls sit beautifully next to spikes in our current collection, so will the tulle & plaids in our next (spoiler alert!) 

CK: I love the name rich x ruse.  How did you come up with it?

J & L: Without giving away too much personal information, our moniker is a combination of parts of our last names... and for the record, the pronunciation is "rich by ruse"! (we've heard it all : rich ex ruse, rich times ruse, etc.) We also wanted a name that embodied two different style perspectives; a mix of rich in her high heels and lashes, and ruse in her beat up jeans and wild hair. You can see a little bit of rich and little bit of ruse in each look.

CK: How do you go about selecting designers and pieces for Rich x Ruse?

J & L: We have a focused idea going into the season of what our "editorial" will be based around; then it is time to shop the market. This process involves going to the apparel & jewelry shows in the city, scoping out Etsy, exploring Twitter, and responding to designers that contact us. For us, it is about creating a collection around our concept, rather than bringing a bunch of pieces together that would have no other similarity besides trend. The first time that we see any collection together (usually just a few days before a photo shoot) it is one of the most rewarding parts of the process; the cohesion makes our concept come to life!

CK: What is your ideal summer outfit?

Jessica: Just like our summer collection, I don't think there is anything more perfect in the summer than a white ribbed tank and an amazing piece of statement jewelry.  

Lisa: I eternally love a chiffon maxi dress. For me, nothing is easier or sexier.

CK: Who or what is inspiring you at the moment?

Jessica: I am absolutely bananas-crazy for Lanvin. Alber Elbaz's collections are so sophisticated & so playful at the same time... it is always my favorite runway! Chanel & Carven are also huge loves of mine. Right now, I am thinking about our next collection, and my inspiration board is full of stripes, pleats, plaids, tulle, varsity letters, leopard swatches, and aztec feathers. Sound crazy? We'll show you how we're putting it all together in just a few weeks. 

Lisa: I am always inspired by the thousand ways I see people on the streets of NYC styling something as simple as a white tee to something as dressy as a feather and sequin skirt. It's the studying of this high- low, day to night mix that continually inspires me!

CK: What's next for rich x ruse?

J & L: We can only get bigger & better! Every time we create a new concept, we love what we do even more. We love spreading the word about our site, meeting bloggers & designers, working with stylists on photo collaborations, and realizing every day that the possibilities are endless! 

With an undeniable passion for their New York-based company and online boutique, I have a strong hunch that these ladies will go far. 

Scott (My best friend/photographer) and I headed to Treasure Island this past weekend to capture the beautiful rich x ruse pieces that were sent over by Jessica and Lisa.  Despite the intense wind-factor that day, we had a blast exploring the abandoned buildings and rocky shores of TI in style!

I love the hard/soft contrast of Silent Gypsy's Stag Necklace

No need for a wind machine here in San Francisco!

Photos by: Scott Hammel

More rich x ruse looks to come!

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