O Christmas Tree

Zara Top, BCBG T-shirt, Gap 1969 Stretch Velvet Skinny Jeans, Zara Wedge Lace-Up Ankle Boot, Barneys Hat, Alexander Wang Adele Clutch

Heading down south to Santa Cruz for the weekend was an ideal escape from the insane holiday crowds in the city right now.  We stopped by a Christmas tree farm in Los Gatos on the way there which I loved... mainly because it was something you wouldn't be able to do/find in San Francisco.  The air was so pure and the idea of cutting down your own Christmas Tress was equally refreshing.  While exploring the farm we discovered this overgrown and abandoned swimming pool?  Still can figure out why it was there, but it made for a decent backdrop to show off some of my favorite holiday colors and textures: red, silver, white, cashmere and velvet. 

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