Silver & Gold

As you all know, I'm not one to wear a lot of color so I often gravitate towards metallics and texture to spice up day-to-day basics.  Here are a few favorite silver and gold gems that are currently on my radar this fall.

Which do you prefer?  Silver or gold?

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  1. I am LOVING this set! I think it's totally great for fall because it's kind of unexpected to see metallics in fall but I am totally feeling it! I would definitely say gold. Gold just looks better on my warm skin tone!

    Style Infatuation

  2. I love both to be in my wardrobe but thinking about it I think I own more gold coloured pieces. Anyway love these picks, all of them would add a great touch of luxe your wardrobe. :)

    Take care,

    Daniella xox

  3. I've always been a silver suits me better. But I'm suddenly very into gold. Gold can read much more expensive than silver.


  4. Oh no. I want them all!